Parliament Faces Alarming Security Breach: Two Intruders Jump Into Lok Sabha from Gallery

In a concerning incident on the 22nd anniversary of the terror attack on the old Parliament building, the security of Parliament faced a critical breach. At 1:02 pm during Zero Hour on Wednesday, two individuals breached security protocols, leaping from the visitors’ gallery into the Lok Sabha chamber. Both men carried smoke canisters emitting an, as yet, unidentified yellow smoke.

Serious concerns are now being raised regarding the security lapse, especially given the historical significance of the date. CCTV footage from the House captured the dramatic event, showing one man, dressed in a dark blue shirt, skillfully evading capture by leaping across desks. Simultaneously, the second intruder in the visitors’ gallery released smoke.

Prompt action from Lok Sabha MPs and security staff resulted in the overpowering of both intruders, averting potential danger within the parliamentary premises. Investigations into the breach are underway, and authorities are addressing the lapse to ensure the robustness of parliamentary security.

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