CBSE Takes a Step to Assist Displaced Students: Nodal Exam Centers in Every District

In response to the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is gearing up to conduct the remaining class X and XII board exams nationwide. The scheduled examination period is from July 1-15.

Recognizing the impact of the pandemic, many students had relocated from their districts to their hometowns. In a bid to accommodate these displaced students, CBSE will designate a CBSE school in each district as a nodal examination center. This move aims to ensure that students who have shifted between districts can conveniently take their board exams.

It’s worth noting that the exams will primarily take place in the students’ respective schools, and no additional special exam centers will be assigned. However, CBSE is facilitating students who have changed their residence to another district by allowing them to request a change in their exam center through their school.

No Overseas Exam Centers

CBSE has clarified that no board exams will be held for students in schools affiliated with CBSE located outside India. This decision is in response to restrictions imposed by the respective governments. Instead, the results for these students will be determined based on an assessment scheme formulated by the board

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